Practice Philosophy

The goal at the White Rock Orthopaedic Surgery Centre (WROSC) is to implement time honoured medical principles, both practical and ethical, to facilitate enhanced delivery of orthopaedic surgical care, in a community based setting.

While emphasizing empathy and compassion in all nonoperative aspects of care, our medical practice is also carefully focused to deliver excellence in all other areas:

  1. diagnosis
  2. assessment of treatment options and planning
  3. surgical excellence, with focus on newly discovered improvements
  4. patient choice
    • of physician/surgeon
    • of treatment option
    • of implants (including joint replacements)
    • of location of surgery
    • of timing of surgery

We recognize the value, but also the limitations, of publicly administered health care. It is a complex issue and the publicly administered health care system faces significant challenges. We have managed to maintain an exemplary level of emergency care at Peace Arch Hospital. However, the ongoing pressure to deliver a wide range of emergency services in the hospital precludes expanding elective, non-emergency, surgical orthopaedic care, and it contributes to significant waiting lists.

In response to this situation in the public health system, we are exploring alternative ways to deliver orthopaedic care. Currently, a wide range of our outpatient orthopaedic procedures are being performed in a private surgical facility. This returns control of the surgical procedure to the patient.

For more information please read about our procedures or contact us.

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